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"Residences" in Shanghai: Shanghai apartment life

Tue Oct 24 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0800 (CST)

Stanford Residences Jing An
The "tram factory" that Zhang Ai-ling mentioned was now long demolished, starting from Stanford Residences Jing An, take the Line 2 or Line 7 to commute to and from the city's main commercial centre, Conference Centre, and with access to high-speed rail and the two major airports. The high-end shopping malls, office buildings, five-star hotels surround it to form the supreme living experience in Shanghai. For fashionable people like Zhang Ai-ling's mother, perhaps the more popular places is the Royal Collection Club in the project designed by Liang Zhitian, to c entertain friends in the cigar and wine room, or release your energy in the constant temperature swimming pool.
The Residences of elite circles
Under the record in the Zhong Guo Hang Ming Lu published in 1937 by the North-China Herald Office, the residents living in Wu Kang Apartments are the sales agent from Jiadihuoyou property management company, AIU insurance company Shanghai Branch Manager, Manager of Siemens Shanghai company and a large number of senior officers from foreign firms and foreign offices.
And in the Hebin Building, except for Universal, MGM, Columbia, RKO, UA and the company's Shanghai branch offices were located in the first floor, the apartments above the third floor are mostly lived by foreigners, who are mostly businessman who run business in Hongkou, the northeast part of Shanghai, and senior officers from the UK, Spain and Portugal
As representative of modern urban life and living space, the apartments won the favor of business professionals, Ladislav Hudec who designed the Wu Kang Apartments also had his last residence in Shanghai Hubertus Court which is also designed by him.
Today, for the urban elite, especially high-end families residing in Shanghai, serviced apartments are still the first option for residence. They hang around the city in style and enjoy all conveniences of modern technology; they're social networking talent, and also the fighter on the negotiating table; they meet the world at the gates, to shorten their commute time; they entrust the professional concierge team with the chores of their life: 24-hour reception, daily room cleaning, concierge service, car rental service, Taxi reservation, messaging services.
Stanford Residences Butler Service
The only living space that can fit all of the above requirements are apparently only high-end serviced apartments. Take Stanford Residences Jing An for example, the most representative landmarks of the city are located around the project: Plaza 66, Réel department store, Kerry Center, CITIC Pacific, Westgate Plaza, Jiuguang Department Store, Portman, The Puli Hotel , Jing’an Shangri-La, Exhibition Center, Children's Palace, Paramount ... located in the prime location, sitting on a convenient traffic, enjoying the high-end property management, one can really enjoy the benefits of living in a metropolis, and enjoy the glamourous side of the city, and meet with other elite.
Interior of Stanford Residences Jing An
Fusion of hotel amenities and family characteristics is one of the reasons why serviced apartments are so popular. Jia Hua (China) Investments Deputy Director Li Zhixian believes: differing from hotels, serviced apartments are defined as a complete, independent, facilities with self-service capabilities for long-term guests; its apartment is made of one or more bedrooms, with separate living room, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area; Differ from residential building, the serviced apartments provide attentive service, help the foreign elite family to rapidly integrate into and enjoy the quality of life.
The Clubhouse at Stanford Residences Jing An
Equipped with professional gym and 24-hour reception, daily room cleaning, car rental services to baby care, a business center and more than 20 7*24 hours five-star butler service, brings a unique quality of life experience for its guests. Stanford Residences' target group is the high-end domestic and international families residing in Shanghai, hoping to create a real sense of "home away from home" for them. Stanford Residences currently has three projects to meet the needs of different traveling persons and families. "
During 2015-2017, the Stanford Residences brand has finished 3 projects in Shanghai: the Stanford Residences Jing An is located in the busy CBD on West Nanjing Road, Jing an district, sitting on both life and business facilities, its apartment area ranges from 170㎡ to 527㎡, meeting the needs of Chinese and foreign families, especially large families; Stanford Residences Xu Hui is located on Jian Guo Xi Road in the area with rich French atmosphere, which has a rich cultural history, its apartment area ranges from 157㎡-526㎡ to meet the needs of space for two person or family; Stanford Residences Jin Qiao is located in Pu Dong Jinqiao where there is an rich international fashion lifestyle atmosphere and it's close to the Biyun international community, its apartment area ranges from 86㎡-214㎡ to meet the needs of single residents, couples and small families.
Three serviced apartments owned by Stanford Residences
The methodical expansion comes from the growing market demand, and the market demand for serviced apartments, and also the change of attitude in residence. "People are passengers who comes from nowhere, and home is nowhere and everywhere" the space designer Shuhei Aoyama has used this quote to expresses the living concept that everywhere can be home to someone, he rented a house in Beijing The Southern Gong and Drum Lane, for Shuhei Aoyama and other elite who public said they won't buy property, what matters is not how many properties one has, but to explore deep into a prosperous city, to enjoy the moment and live it.
Meanwhile, the property-purchasing limitations of cities, and the policies that state the equal rights of lease and purchase of property make the foreigner and even local residents who has improved life turn to the rental market, the former do in Rome as the Romans do in the serviced apartments, where they can find the warmth of home in the convenient services comparable to hotels, the latter can be freed from the time of commuting from home to work, and their children can access the quality education resources.
The most fashionable residence in the heart of the green city
The apartments that represent modern urban civilization, it has been a leader of trend, a green fashion spread in a serviced apartment.
Not far from the Wu Kang Apartments, after the branches of the plane trees in the French Concession, Stanford Residences implant its second project in this elegant area. In terms of the appearance, Stanford Residences Xu Hui is designed in three-step classical style, using columns, carved patterns, lines to echo with Hudec's Wu Kang Apartments; in its internal structure, the square space and the thorough view echos with of Hudec's fourth works in Shanghai, the Hubertus Court.
Interior view of Stanford Residences Xu Hui
Zhang Ai-ling's unforgettable roof garden is spread on the ground, designed by the Canada Aoya Landscape Design Company, the nearly 10000 square meters of garden contains champagne lawn, Rhine waterfall, star tennis courts, the Iris garden and other recreational spaces.
As Neon which represented the modernization of the cities in 1980s, and now, green living environment is the index of a cosmopolitan community.
In September, by the Biyun international community known as a "mini United Nations", the Stanford Residences Jin Qiao opened, with "health and life" as its theme.
The jogging track surrounded by green riverside landscape and the four seasons green fruit tree plants creates a green community.
Interior view of Stanford Residences Jin Qiao
Leo Lee said that in addition to a green and healthy environment and concept, the apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen, whole-house floor heating, all-round heating systems, to meet the needs of a quality family life.
"At the same time, Stanford Residences will also hold regular guest activities, build community interaction, such as guest birthday celebration, green land yoga, photography competitions, and other custom activities, as well as Halloween, Christmas, new year and other festival events. "
2-3 years in the future, three high-end serviced apartments of the Stanford Residences will come into full operation, "hopefully the three serviced apartments will become the benchmark projects of high-end serviced apartments in Shanghai, and the Stanford Residences brand is widely recognized by high-end families. "